Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL)

Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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As you know, educational simulations are an active learning strategy that encourages student engagement rather than relying solely on lectures and reading/writing formats. 

Combining the use of several different types of technology within a simulation enables an educator to develop creative learning activities that can enhance decision making and critical thinking skills, while appealing to a variety of individual learning styles.

Welcome to our site!  Please feel free to explore the possibilities of integrating virtual simulation across disciplines...

- The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL)

American Sentinel University

The Community Health Assessment Simulation

From the comfort and safety of their own homes or offices, students participate in a simulated community health practice typically known as the "Windshield Survey".  Students board the virtual city bus and assess the cityscape using a guided community health practice experience assignment.   Students observe and report on key health characteristics while being transported on the city bus to diverse neighborhoods, assessing ease of access to city amenities, perceived safety, availability of health care, access to transportation and various factors that support or detract from the resident's overall health.   Potential community health problems are identified and discussed through structured learning experiences.

MAURA- My Anytime University Resource Aide

MAURA is an artificially intelligent bot that offers after-hours advising to students looking for answers to frequently asked questions.  MAURA lives on the university's student registration site, classroom site and within our 3D virtual scenes.  American Sentinel University is currently developing an editor that would allow other educators, with no programming background, to develop their very own artificially intelligent bot.